Saturday, 4 July 2015

Unspoken Real Facts # 1: Internet

As internet has become vital part of our everyday life, therefore, I have collected some eye-opening and informative facts about internet.

  1. In 1971, A bag of Marijuana was sold for the first time across The internet.
  2. Finland is the first country that made INTERNET ACCESS a legal right in 2010.
  3. Until the end of 1993, there were around 623 Websites on The Internet.
  4. More than 204 million eMails are sent every minute.
  5. The country with most slowest Internet speed in Asia is Philippines with a speed of 3.54 MBPS averagely.
  6. More than 100,000 newer domains are registered daily on the internet.
  7. The majority of Internet traffic is generated by BOTS such as Malware and Google, not by Humans.
  8. Every day over 30,000 websites is hacked.
  9. Ray Tomlinson is the first person who sent email in 1971.
  10. is the first domain that was registered on The Internet.
  11. Internet reached a market audience of more than 50 million users in just five years.
  12. It is estimated that 1 out of every three web searches is for porn especially.